Daydreaming is often neglected in the study of dreams. Most people don't even consider it as a type of actual dreaming. In fact, daydreaming is another type of lucid dreaming. The symbols that are in daydreaming may still be applicable just as they are in nightly dreaming.

Daydreaming is the impulsive thinking, creating, and recalling of images or experiences of the past or future. In simpler terms, you basically let your imagination run away with you

As well as being ignored by scientific study, daydreams are often disregarded and considered silly unrealities by the people that have them. This, in reality, is not true. Many of the signs in daydreams should still be looked at and interpreted just as your regular nightly dreams. Even such things as worrying and imagining what is to come in the day ahead can be considered a daydream.

If one worries about the future and imagines a bad outcome for what will happen in a situation, they are daydreaming as well as setting themselves up for failure. By daydreaming, you imagine what will happen in the future and in turn it is more likely to happen because that is what you believe. To positively affect your life, next time you are worrying, think positively. By using the technique of positive daydreaming to your advantage, you can make good out of almost any situation. Positive daydreaming is completely healthy, so go ahead and try it!

Themes Of Daydreaming

These are some of the things that might be running through your subconscious mind when you daydreaming.

Disaster- Dreams of this nature would include natural, social, and emotional worse-case-scenario events. These types of dreams would most likely represent worries and fears. Some advice would be that next time you have a dream of this nature, try to imagine the positive outcome instead of the negative side of things.

Glory- If you have a dream that you are a hero of some kind, it usually shows that you want to be noticed. This sometimes means that you feel inferior in your waking life and it can serve to motivate you.

Escape- This would usually inquire that you usually are far away from your everyday life, perhaps on an exotic vacation. This usually symbolizes that in your waking life, you are feeling stressed and need a release.

Love- Daydreams of falling or being in love are the most common types of daydreaming. This may inquire finding love as one of your direct goals. Depend on your actions in the dream to see what it may mean. If you are seeking love by making others jealous, it may mean you are looking for a new status and craving attention.

Revenge- Daydreams in which you are seeking revenge on someone is usually a way to vent your anger toward that person. It is healthy to have these types of dreams occasionally, but if you repeatedly have these dreams, it is an indication that you may act on your thoughts.

Analyzing Yours Daydreams

To help you find the meaning of your daydreams, you would first want to try connecting your dream with an emotion that you are actually feeling in your present day life. Most daydreams are linked to some emotion or situation, even though it may take you awhile to pinpoint the exact cause. You would also need to think about how you feel in your daydream. This could also be connected to a feeling you have in your waking life. Just as in your nighttime dreams, recurring themes usually indicates a feeling or situation that you need to confront and deal with. Usually the dream will go away with the problem.


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Have you ever used the sleep aid called ambien? I will tell you what, I have the weidest daydreams, in fact it is like I start dreaming before I even fall asleep. Anyway just seeing if you know anything about it.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Paul, I’ve heard about Ambien. It belongs to a category of medications called sedative-hypnotics. It works by slowing activity in the brain. Sleep and dreams are very affected by a great variety of drugs and medications.

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Stacy said...

Why taking medications? Isn't this beautiful photo enough?

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Lucky7Star said...

Hi Spirta,
Day dreams (with all medication aside), I feel, can be just as powerful as any we have in RIM if we are aware. For example the other day the oddest premonition to call my brother-in-law and dear friend. At the time I was just busy in some work but I just pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind. But the question was "what would you say to your brother if he was dying" and I answered "see you on the other side brother"... That very evening at 5:50 pm there was a serious car crash in Atlanta. The veil between daydreams and ordinary sleeping dreams seems thin, indeed the daydream may even prove to be more important than research indicates. If you have any thoughts or would like to share or submit a story to "The Psychic News Network, please visit
Doctor Buzzard's Tasteless Tonic and Medicine Show!"

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Katie said...

Hi Spirita. I just had a weird dream and right now all I remember is that my dad was driving my mom and I in our van (my mom in the passenger seat and me in the back). We were going to some family member's house and we had some luggage in the very back of our van. We slowed down in a neighborhood and almost hit a little gray kitten. The kitten jumped onto the roof of our van and was trying to hang on for dear life as we started driving again. My mom and I leaned out the window and got the kitten inside. He was so soft and cuddly and I think we took him to our family's house. I just read that a kitten can mean trouble ahead. how could this be?? What does my dream mean? Thank you in advance!

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello,.. The dream is not one that I'm having, but my sister keeps dreaming that she is pregnant and I have been in her dream a couple of times. I have never mentioned anything to my sister that I have been trying to get pregnant for several months. Can you tell me what this can mean and if it possibly means that I will get pregnant soon? Thank you.


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