Fear-Provoking Dream Symbols

Dreaming about frightening symbols is very common. They may represent negative forces inside of yourself and in your life.

Most of the MONSTERS are representing your own negative characteristics and tendencies. It usually symbolizes the most negative and least developed part of you. It may be that part of you that is ignorant and destructive. The monster in your dreams could be your fear, bad temper, negativity, smoking habit, or anything else that is hurtful and needs to be changed. The way that you deal with the monster in your dream is generally symbolic of the way you are dealing with the equivalent negativity in your daily life.

Seeing or interacting with the DEVIL in your dreams may have several different meanings and the interpretation depends on the details of the dream. However, it almost always points to something negative and disturbing in your personality, daily life, or environment. Carl Jung called such dark figures "the shadow" and said that they represent the negative ego personality and qualities which are painful and regrettable. You may have dark thoughts or have engaged in negative actions and now are experiencing guilt, fear, and anxiety.

You can't get around the fact that bones are symbols of death. If you are dreaming about a SKELETON it does not necessarily mean that you are dreaming about physical death. This is a good dream because it is telling you that you may need to begin "filling up" with feelings, adventures, work, or general enthusiasm for life. It may be that your style of living and relating to people has been "bare to the bone" and your soul can't take it any more.

To see a SPIRIT, a disembodied personality, in a dream may symbolize thoughts or feelings on death, but very often it shows a past memory or experience that still haunts you, perhaps because it has never been fully felt.

Dreaming about VAMPIRES suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed in some areas of your life and are struggling with negative thoughts, feelings, and actions. You may be currently concerned about ethical or moral issues and are experiencing anxiety as a result. The vampire represents personal attributes or negative habits that drain energy and resources or cause emotional exhaustion. If you are being attacked by a vampire, you may perceive yourself as a powerless victim. Interpreting this dream's message may help you to identify the source of your negative feelings and helplessness.

In dreams the sense or presence of EVIL is often depicting those things you have so repressed that they are no longer properly alive and healthy. They therefore need meeting and being brought into proper recognition and expression.

If you wake up from any of above mentioned nightmare and are very frightened, just remember that your mind created those images and that their purpose is to teach you something about yourself.


At 6:34 AM, Anonymous ssian84 said...

Your interpretations of dreams sounded very encouraging... I love reading them = )

At 7:48 PM, Blogger Anamika said...

hello again spirita,

i was in a pathetic state tonight, my ex had told someone that he felt dirty about having touched me, and i was begging god to give me answers.
i attempted to meditate in my sleep or something, i kept telling myself "
i will be over him" till my head ached. i dont remember having stopped saying it.

in my dream, the same friends i have came. my friends tried to counsel me, and all along there was this man who was watching
me inside the house, from the outside, if it helps, this was in the night,
and i think i was taking care of someone in the house, either my sister or
someone ill.

i was in this houe with two doors, n outside there was a man who was watching me
i kept going outside to ask him what he wanted because he bothered me
, but no sound came out of my mouth, and i made an action as if i wanted to
throw something at him, n he moved away.
finally i summed up the courage to get a noise to come out, n he stopped.
i asked him what he wanted, i thoughti had pacified my fears and went back into
the house watching the shadows on the way back.
i knew he was trying to enter afer having entered, so i locked the front door,
then i went by to the back door the exact moment he was trying to enter that
and bolted it and my whole body started burning.
i forced myself to wake up then.
help me please

At 10:54 AM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anamika, to my personal opinion, disrespectful people (especially disrespectful ex-boyfriends) do not deserve any of our feelings, thoughts, pain and tears. Words your ex said about you are telling a lot about what kind of person he is, and if I were you, I’d get him out of my life forever!
Regarding your dream, the person who’s watching you portrays your feelings of being in the shade, or obscured by somebody else. It may be your ex who makes you feel inferior, and in his shadow. Your dream also means he is standing in your way, in the sense of not enabling you to see the light, or gain understanding. A shadowy figure in dreams is also a symbol for the unconscious activities that sometimes control actions. It can depict inner feelings seldom expressed.
A burning sensation you experienced emphasizes powerful emotions, burning passions or deeply felt urges.
From the psychological point of view try to learn from your dreams to sort out what is troubling you. Don't use them to trouble yourself.

At 2:08 PM, Blogger Anamika said...

u are truly god sent.. whoever u r.. i a sure u're a fantastic mother n stuff..
whatever u may be, u set so many ppl to rest.. thank u maa'm.. its not just the art of interpreting dreams.. but doing it in a manner which soothes.. bless u

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Thank you very much Anamika. I’m happy if I helped. That’s why this blog exists and continues to live.

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spirita, For the past few weeks I've been having really aweful dreams. In one of the dreams I saw my husband has died and I've been remarried (by my family) to a really old guy who has nothing but money but I feel trapped. In another one I saw my family trying to get me re-married (my husband is alive), however they dont want me to move from close to them so they try to convince me to remarry and i see myself crying but helpless..in another dream I saw a deadbody of my brother supposedly but I dont have any brothers...can you please help.

A little background my husband has been trying to move outside th country for a better opportunity. My family and I have been living here for 16+ years...I'm supporting his decision but do you think in my subconcious, it's driving me crazy?

Very confused..please help.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, please keep in mind that dreams depict your fears, they are seldom predictions. So learn from the dream to sort out what is troubling you and don’t use them to trouble yourself.
It seems you are very aware your family will not be happy with your decision to move away and that’s way you have nightmares. Your dreams are so-called anxiety dreams and they portray worries and uncertainties about the future. Your dreams can also represent the great psychological pressure you are expose to in your walking life as well as fear of making the right decision.
I can advise you to try to overcome your worries by keeping in mind that you and your husband are grown and mature people who are perfectly capable of making their own decisions and no one has a right to interfere. If you along with your husband feel you have opportunity for better life just go for it and do not let anyone make you regret one day. You have my blessing and support, believe in yourself, feel strong and you’ll be fine and happy with your new life.


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