Awakening Your Intuition

Intuition is knowing something instantly without reasoning. The word “intuition” comes from the Latin word intueri, which means to look within.

The good news is that you have the ability to access your intuition at any time. Even better news is that with practice you can sharpen your ability to perceive your intuition naturally and easily and benefit from its direction.

Intuition is the wisdom within you: when you know who’s’ calling before you pick up the phone; when you take an immediate liking to someone after only briefly seeing them in a picture and when you feel excited at the thought of a meeting that has not yet happened. When you listen to and trust your intuition, you begin to notice that it gently and beautifully points the way and offers you the truth in every situation.

Intuition shows up in a countless of ways and is referred to by many different names: a sixth sense, a vibe, a gut instinct or a hunch. Intuition is perceived through physical sensations, dreams, synchronicities, instant flashes, images and emotions. Every individual has his or her own way of intuiting information. When you pay attention to your intuition and practice using it, you will become fluent in its language and be able to understand its delicate messages.

When you rely on your intuition you are consulting the best expert on you. When you quiet your mind and become present in the moment, you will hear your subtle inner voice telling you what your heart desires and what is best for you. Using your intuition invites opportunities and possibilities that bring greater peace and clarity to all areas of your life. Your intuition is your personal guidance system that inspires your decisions and actions and cultivates authentic and purposeful living.


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