Animals in Dreams

We can see different animals in our dreams. Their actions towards us in our dreams can vary – they can be friendly, they can speak to us, they can just appear at the background of our dream and they can be rather aggressive. Depending on what the animals are doing in our dream we can interpret it.

Animals in dreams can take on almost any conceivable character or symbolic role. From some of the earliest recorded human dreams, animals have revealed much about the meaning of a particular dream. This includes dreams of personal insight or circumstances, and also dreams of revelatory content. Animals can befriend us, talk with us, chase us, eat us, or just be there in the dream to either comfort or bother us.

Animals often appear in dreams for very personal reasons, and have to do with your own experiences with them. How you experience an animal in both waking and sleeping is central to its meaning. This includes both how the animal actually behaves in your dream, and your waking stereotypical attitude about the animal.

Animals sometimes represent one's parents, especially their relationship to a parent (love, hate, etc.). Being chased by an animal may represent some repressed emotion or aggression. Wild animals denote troubles or fears, even misfortune. Domestic animals, especially pets, usually mean good fortune. A fierce animal is a warning. A calm one indicates happy times. Animals often represent the primal side of our makeup and the dreamer's relationship with the animal tells how much control they have over that part of themselves.


At 4:06 AM, Blogger Inma said...


I found your blog on another site, someone referred to it as an answer to the interpretation of a dream about mice and said, you help interprete dreams if your readers post them. Well, I certainly hope you don't mind me posting mine.

I only remember being somewhere I've never been to before. There was a large cardboard box with mice inside (none of them black, only white and light grey). I had my backpack with me and it got close to the box so one of them jumped inside.
Then I arrived home and two little ones came out of the backpack. A white one and a grey one. I looked for the white mouse and it went to the balcony where I have quite a few things stored and tried to hide but eventually I end up catching it. I didn't feel any kind of fear or anxiety (mind you, in real life I don't dislike them one bit, if they're domestic ones as these seemed).
I can't remember what happened with them afterwards, if anything happened at all, but what I had in the back of my mind was the different colour and choosing to chase the white one.

Thanks in advance for your time. Cheers!!


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