Flying Dreams

Flying dreams are common and are often associated with ambition, personal empowerment and breaking free from limitations. Most of us have soared like a bird in our dreams. The more creative we are, the more likely we are to have frequent flying dreams. A dream in which we can fly suggests that our mind is reaching for new heights. It is the search for, and exploration of, possibilities that lie beyond the reality of our everyday life. The flying dream often happens when there is opportunity for advancement in our life and may indicate optimism about our future. In order to understand the meaning of a flying dream we must assess its basic components. Factors such as how high we flew and whether the flight was easy or turbulent give an indication of how attainable our ambitions are in the real world.

Flying dreams are often symbolic and refer to aspects of our spirit rising of falling.
In general, flying dreams tend to indicate a desire to:

*Rise above the mundane aspects of life to gain insight and knowledge about the bigger picture.

*Assess our capabilities in relation to our ambition in the world.

*Gain psychological freedom from our everyday problems.

*Compensate for a feeling of inferiority.

*Triumph over great difficulties and overcome obstacles.


At 3:11 PM, Blogger John said...

What about having the feeling of flight, but it only being like a Superman jump? Anyone?

At 10:06 AM, Blogger Spirita said...

John, it can mean you are flying or fleeing, from something you find difficult to face. This is usually something in your life you try to get away from

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Kivier said...

I have read something before, that when we are dreaming of flying, it means that we are having an out-of-body experience wherein our souls are leaving our bodies and is flying all around. and it also explained the reason why we feel shocked when we wake up from a flying dream is because our souls snaps back into our bodies..


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