Dream Symbols - Kiss, Kissing

The meaning of a kiss in dreams is determined by the context of the dream and other symbols. Kisses in dreams can also appear in somewhat unpleasant context such as a kiss of betrayal or death or unwanted sexual advances.

If you're kissing someone, are you enjoying the kiss? If you have warm feelings toward this person but are not necessarily attracted to them, the kiss may simply represent support, friendship or trust. You may be interested in that person in particular or just have a desire to fall in love. You may be longing for love and that person represents your romantic ideal. Examine how you feel about that person and what you associate them with. Reflect upon what they represent to you to determine whether it is the individual or just the idea of love that appeals to you. For instance, kissing your boss - especially if you wouldn't want to kiss them in a million years - may actually represent feelings that you have in regard to your job. Kissing someone goodbye may symbolize insecurity in a relationship or a wish to "kiss off" a situation or relationship.

You may dream about watching other people kiss. This may indicate feelings of being deprived of love, especially if you've been through a recent break-up, have been feeling lonely or have been too busy to nurture your own relationship. If you're healing from a broken relationship, seek support from friends and loved ones. This is the perfect time to re-invent yourself. You may want to pamper yourself with a new style or spa treatment. If you're feeling lonely, remember that being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely. You may want to look into taking a class or workshop or getting involved in your community. You may meet someone in the process! Stranger things have happened.

A kiss from someone you don't trust in waking life may represent a "kiss of betrayal" or "kiss of death." The dream may be a warning to keep a watchful on someone who wishes to hurt you. Again, take a look at what the person symbolizes to you to determine where there may be a lack or betrayal of trust in your life.


At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had a dream the other night about my crush
his name is jordan, like whenever i talk to him, i get nervous.

and in the dream we were kissing, and it felt SO real , it was wierd, and then in my dream my mouth filled up with water while we were.

and then i woke up

what does that mean!?!!?!!

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous (dream about Jordan), water usually denotes your flowing feelings or ability to responds. It can thus represent emotions and desires. In this dream you may be expressing feelings that are difficult to express during the day. Kissing is usually an indication of warmth and fondness. Kissing the object of your affection in the dream could be a form of wish fulfillment.

At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, last night i had a dream of this man I have a crush on and can't stop thinking about him (he's older than me). In the dream i lost something and i asked him if he has seen it and and he said no and as we said goodbye he kissed me on the cheeck and twice in my neck . What does this mean? Thanks for your time

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Umi said...

hey Spirita.hope you're well.i had a dream this morning.

i had a dream that when i went back to school for my exams,i went & hugged everyone since i hadn't seen them for a long time.my crush was there & i just gave him the usual hand slap but he pulled me closer for a hug(he's never hugged me before).but he didn't seem satisfied even with a hug,so he takes me to this secluded area & starts kissing me.there was so much passion in his kiss & we were both initiating it.it felt warm & wonderful & so real.i could even feel how soft his kisses was.afterwards when i was hanging out with the rest of my friends,he comes up from the back & wraps his arms around me.that felt so good too.

what does this dream signify Spirita?thanks a lot.i really appreciate it :)

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Spirita said...

Umi, in this dream you may be expressing feelings that are difficult to express during the day. Kissing is usually an indication of warmth and affection. If you don't receive enough love and affection in your daily life, then this could be a compensatory dream, where you are comforting yourself. If you are kissing the object of your affection, the dream could be a form of wish fulfillment.

At 4:55 AM, Anonymous Vonni said...

Hello Spirita,
I'd like to request a bit of insight. I had a dream last night, not overly disturbing but it simply confused me. In this dream I was in a relationship of sorts with a boy at school whom I've probably only said five words to! We don't talk and I've never had a crush on him. In my dream I kissed him twice, the first time was quick and simple but the second was more ranchy. I'm afraid that I've made a mountain out of a mole hill with this dream, but will not be able to excuse it without a bit of advice...
Thank you for your time.

At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sprita, I actually had two dreams in two nights with one day in between where my best(guy) friend confessed that he loved me and we started kissing.

In the first dream, we kissed and then as the dreams progresses he got shot! I got really worried and tried to save him.

In the second dream, it felt more realistic and passionate. But after we kissed I felt extremely guilty because I still have a boyfriend. My bf and I have been together for two years.

What does this mean?? Please help me. Thanks!

At 1:45 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, you may feel that you are punishing yourself in waking life and your dreams take this form. This blame or GUILT you are feeling could be for a number or things. Perhaps you aren't doing what you really want with your life and blame yourself. Maybe you've lost contact with someone and aren't content with it. It could be something you did to someone, or something that happened to someone or something that you think is your fault.

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous PerryWinkle said...

Dear Spirta,
I had a dream not to long ago that was surprisingly interesting.

In the past i have had kissing dreams about people that i have liked,but the kisses were usually uncomfortable,distasteful,or just plain out gross!(you can explain that to me if you like.)

But this particular dream was different from all of those dreams.It started out,with me at a party with some of my friends.We were having a wonderful time and suddenly we were approached by a group of mysterious boys.They were all very handsome but one of them stuck out the most to me.This boy approached me and asked me to dance with his.And like so we danced.

As we were dancing he pulled my arm over him so that we were hug-dancing.

After that he took me outside and we kissed passionatly.(when i was expecting a gross kiss like the others.

then as suddenly as this all had happened he had to leave.

Now i have never met this mysterious boy but somehow i felt like i knew him.

Care to shed a little light on my dream?Thank you for your time!=)

At 9:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Spirta,

i had a dream of my gf in the bed and me sitting beside the bed, she kissed my hand but when i went to kiss her lips she pushed me away and had a disapointted face staring back at me like i did something wrong.

what does this mean.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger RisingTide said...

Dear Spirita, hope your well.

I had this dream last night. I was dreaming about this girl I met, and I had a bit attracted to her since. I was holding hands with her in an elevator going up, then I turned to her and gave her like a quick kiss.

Then the elevator stopped, we enter a halls, and the hall of a building we were in are a bit dark, like in those cheap motels. Then we were running towards a door and deliver a package. After that it was all a bit fuzzy and I cant remember anything.

But then, i remember, we were kinda like holding each other hands running happily towards a closet (in the same building). Then I said "Now, where was I? Oh, I remember." I kissed her (quite passionately), we looked deep into each others eyes and smiled.

Also, we were both kinda dressed in winter clothing, so what does that mean?? The girl, we were like just friends. What does my dream means?? Thanks


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