Dream Symbols - Romantic Sex

Did you wake up feeling warm and fuzzy after cavorting with the man or woman of your dreams? Perhaps you dreamed of being carried away by Prince Charming, meeting your dream lover on the beach or making love before a crackling fireplace with wine and roses.

Dreaming about romance may remind you that the romance part of your marriage or relationship has slipped to the back burner. Whether you've been with your partner for 6 months or 16 years, a great relationship takes work on both sides. A healthy and active sex life is one of the critical factors for successful marriages and lasting relationships. Put the time and effort into your relationship, spending time just relaxing, having fun and enjoying life. Romance doesn't just happen. Life gets in the way, and relationships can become stale. Successful marriages require effort from both partners to keep the flame alive. Take some of those hot ideas from your dreams and imagination and put them into practice tonight!

If you're not in a relationship right now, start signing up for clubs and classes that can get you involved with people that share common interests. To open the energy flow of chi to attract a new relationship, you might try a few of these Feng Shui tips. Place a painting of peonies just outside your bedroom door. This flower is said to bring about marriage for the single females in the home. Make sure that chairs in your living room are facing the front entrance of the house. You should have nightstands on both sides of your bed to create energy space for a mate. It's always a good idea to treat yourself well. Buy flowers for yourself and place them on the dining room table and use your prettiest china for single dinners at home. Create an extra place setting on the table to suggest to the universe that you are open to a new relationship.
May all your dreams come true!


At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I had a dream once that I was making serious love to this WOMEN, and we where heavy and wet. But I am not a lesbian. What does it MEAN.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, each of us have some element of homosexuality in us unconsciously. In your dream it may suggest a desire for the mother's love, perhaps because they were not demonstrative. So you may have been led to crave the love of a woman.
Also, in many homosexual dreams it simply means you are claiming the opposite side of your personality. It can also show conflict or anxiety about your own gender; feelings of sexual inadequacy, or inadequacy in your own gender

At 3:52 PM, Anonymous noah said...

Hi Spirita, first let me say thank you for a great site.

I had a dream about my ex girlfriend, it was almost as she came to me. It didn't feel like a dream at all. She had come over and we made love and afterwards we were in the kitchen cooking together (something we us to love to do) and I was asking her questions about her, us, her new relationship and she wouldn't answer but would turn to me and just gently smile...

The dream never 'ended' it was more like we faded away from each other. It was very surreal... any idea what this might mean?

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Noah, it is very common for people to dream about ex-partners. Individuals that have been an important part of our lives continue to take up a part of our mind and heart. It is impossible to very dramatically shut the person out of thoughts and feelings. Just because the relationship ends does not mean that all is finished. You will continue to dream about your ex girlfriend until you "let go" of her on a very important level, or until you learned your lessons from that relationship. Either way, dreaming about your ex-romance does not predict future involvement. It may be wish-fulfillment, reliving memories, or working out old issues.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seem to have reoccuring dreams about an ex "boyfriend", although we were never technically together. I was with him and only him for 6 months. The longest time i have ever given to anyone. I fell in love with him. He treated me very badly but i still cared for him for what he was when just the two of us were together. Anyway i keep having dreams about him & we are together and he tells me he loves me & i wake up with the best feeling and then i realize it was just a dream. Why do i keep having these dreams if i havent spoken to him in almost 5 months & im over him?? im very confused.


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