Dreaming About Drowning

Dreaming that you are having difficulty breathing and are in danger of dying as a result may carry important messages for you. This type of a dream experience is usually very frightening, and at times people are awakened from their dream due to the fear. This dream may have several different explanations and the catalysts may be forces from either within the individual’s emotional and psychological makeup or circumstances on the outside of the individual.

The suffocation is either due to internal forces or an external situation. The dreamer may experience great difficulties when it comes to free self expression. They may have difficulties in expressing their fear, anger, love, or any other powerful emotion and are literally choking on them in their dream.

Choking in your dream suggests that you are having problems in communicating your thoughts, needs, and feelings. Additionally, smothering may imply that the dreamer can not accept certain situations in their life and is feeling suffocated by a current problem.

Dreaming about drowning is very common and it may have positive significance. This dream suggests to the dreamer that he may be overwhelmed by unresolved emotions, old issues, or a current crisis. It suggests that a release of the old is necessary in order to emerge and begin anew. This dream serves to awaken the dreamer to embrace and to effectively cope with problems and negativity in his life.

To interpret this type of dreams accurately consider all of the details in it, think about your daily life and those things that cause you great stress and restrict your freedom. Finally, try to connect your dream with your daily life experiences and unlock the symbolism that the dream holds for you.


At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Spirita, I was wondering if you could help me.

I broke up with my ex 4 years ago, and it was very traumatic. He dumped me for another girl and I was finally coming to terms with it when he started calling me and we started meeting up and he kept saying he misses me and he wants to be with me. We ended up doing things we shouldnt have done, and he was cheating on his girlfriend. I feel extremely guilty about doing that, but at the time I just couldn't help it because I wanted him to be with me so bad. He kept saying he wanted to break up with the other girl but he never did. He kept promising he would so I would talk to him and be there for him, and he never did break up with her. They are still together.

Eventually I moved to another country, primarily to get away from him and move on. My life is going fine except that he calls me sometimes and I know I shouldn't be talking to him but I do anyway. I am with another guy now, and he's perfect in every way. I'm really happy in this relationship but I still feel a weird connection with my ex. On days that I'm really missing him, he invariably will call or I'll hear from him in some way or the other.

A few weeks ago, I dreamt of a shipwreck. My ex was on the same ship and it was a very stormy night, aboard a huge ship, and there were very few life boats. I got on to a life boat and then I see my ex standing at the deck of the ship and I know its sinking and he knows it too. I know that if he sinks I will probably never see him again. At that moment, all I cared about was saving him somehow. I screamed and screamed for him to jump into the water and promised I would save him somehow...he jumped from the deck and I rowed the lifeboat towards him, and jumped into the water with him..we were holding on to the sides of the boat and someone threw us floats. I was so relieved that I had saved him, I cannot even begin to explain that feeling.

The next day, I sent him a text message telling him I had a weird dream and he called back saying he's been thinking about me a lot lately.

Are dreams related to telepathy between people? What does it mean when you save someone's life in a dream? I must mention here that he has hurt me more than anybody else in my life, and I just can't understand why I'd want to save him even in a dream...


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