Anxiety Dreams

Dreams in which we worry about things are very common. The worry in dreams may seem to be about something insignificant when compared to situations in our waking lives, or seem to have nothing to do with them. However, dreams are almost always connected in some way with our daily lives; our subconscious uses symbols rather than straightforward imagery to get a point across. It is important to examine such dreams closely so that we may discover areas in our lives about which we are uncertain, areas we perhaps had not given enough or any thought to. It is essential to find the source of the anxiety in our waking lives; once a thing is identified its power is diminished greatly...more


At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Spirita I like your blog very much. I have consulted you before and your interpretation was pretty good and it helped me understand my dreams better.
Now I have another dream that I dont understand it it was just yesterday. I dreamt like I was with my father staying in hotel in London and I woke up in the morning and the hotel reception told me that the check out is now . and I had brought many many new white shoes and all in boxes in the room and my father was actually sleeping and I was thinking about what I will do with these shoes and how bold I am that I bought all these shoes 30 pound/pair ! they were many all the same and was in my dream thinking that I bought them to be with me forever so that every now and then change the worn with a new one or something like this was in my mind and I was just worried about what will my dad say if he see all these and where I will put them now but I said no problem I will ask my brother to help me taking them out of the hotel to the car and when I came out of the room I saw one of my friends and she was also having many new shoes but still not as much as I have and I said to my self oh so not only me and felt more comfortable and I was also thinking about my desire to go to poland to a conference (was hesitating about in real life but still thinking)and that cos Iam in lonond so I may apply for the visa but still was not very sure. (this friend of mine is coming to study in UK with her sister soon ,me I am also studying in UK).in waking life I am really having many worries in my study and I have a deadline to submit my thesis which I am so worried I could not make it. Also my love life is not really good and all relationships were unsuccessful.
I am so sorry for this long message I hope to recieve a response from you soon .
Kind regards

At 9:31 AM, Blogger KILLZONEKING said...

My dreams are usually the same ones. I win a trip to iillinois for some catering service then im stuck there with no way to call my girlfriend & tell her im gone. I live there with another girl knowing its cheating. For some reason i only want to contact my original girlfriend to see if my video games are ok. Then im dreaming im in a kids jail for juveniles & they all are trying to look up to me, but I just want out. And all I can think about is my video game systems & my big tv.... In my dreams im usually taken to jail, or cops are chasing me, & random family members will show up, but theres this dark feeling about them... Thing is, ive done nothing to be worried about the law.


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