Trees, Flowers, Gardening in Dreams

Plants have roots that work their way deep into the dark and fertile earth; their leaves and branches endeavor to reach the sky, the light and the warmth – they are an ideal comparison for the complex workings of the dreamer’s mind, stretching from the dark depths to the spiritual heights. The unconscious mind has its dark places, just like the roots of a plant, which can be nurtured towards the light of understanding. Branches, leaves and flowers are the visible symbols of the mind and can tell of your mental and emotional health...more


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, do you know what it means when you dreamt that you saved someone's life? thanks!

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, saving life in dream signifies an intervention or action that has brought about a radical change in yourself, possibly from real psychological or even physical difficulty. This is an action you take to preserve something important inside yourself from being destroyed by common held attitudes or ways of life.

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, i've been searching everywhere for someone to tell me if my dreams have any meaning and came across you from a friend who said you were very good. I am currently ttc and have been for 13 months. We've had a miscarrage at new years. I am just waiting for my period to come (it's due tomorrow) but i seriously think i'm pregnant. Normally i rarely remember dreams and they're usually 'normal' but i wrote these down as they were so odd. I was wondering if you could tell me if these dreams could say anything about me being pregnant? Thursday 21st june- DREAM 1- i dreamt that i saw a freind who i haven't saw in 5 years and her father kidnapped me, he took me to a forest where there were alot of other people that he'd kidnapped. My friends mother (who has been dead for 3 years) tried to help me to escape but i had to have sex with this man to escape. DREAM 2- I was at my aunties house (who i also haven't saw for about 4 years) and my kitten was there. My kittens claws were falling out and i was gathering them. Friday 22nd june - DREAM 1- america was under attack from terrorists and i had to save it. They were planning on blowing teh whoel of america up with a ship. (I live in England) DREAM 2- I was a few years younger in thsi dream and with some friends i haven't saw for a while. They were bothe heavily pregnant and one of them (the one i'm closest to) jumped off a bridge. I phoned the ambulance and she was fine. We decided to move to a village together. At the village there were alot of girls who bullied me at school and they tried to torment me. The dream ended with em washing windows. DREAM 3- I was sitting on my toilet and i got my period. Thankyou so much if you could help me!!

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, your dreams generally describe one very puzzled person. The main theme in abduction dreams is fear. You may be afraid of losing a very important part of yourself or of losing your safest and most familiar surroundings. Also, you may be afraid of leaving your home, childhood, familiar support group, or long standing ideas. Dreams about kidnapping may be most prevalent during times of psychological or physical transition and during stressful times of life when the future is somewhat uncertain.

Also dream about terrorist attack signify inability to face or cope with negative emotions and fears. It is important to find where you felt some sort of terror in the past. This releases its hold on you. This is not easy, because many memories have never been verbalized and that’s why they appear through dreams. Saving USA in your dream means your need to be saved.
Other dreams you mentioned are mostly anxiety dreams but the last one is a positive one. Dreaming about having your period can be symbolic of releasing tension and worry. Women are often concerned about their reproductive system. (i.e. pregnancy, sexual relationships or their body's "time clock.") As a dream symbol menstruation suggests that some difficult times may be over for you and that you can relax.


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