Fear-Provoking Dream Symbols

Dreaming about frightening symbols is very common. They may represent negative forces inside of yourself and in your life. Most of the MONSTERS are representing your own negative characteristics and tendencies. It usually symbolizes the most negative and least developed part of you. It may be that part of you that is ignorant and destructive. The monster in your dreams could be your fear, bad temper, negativity, smoking habit, or anything else that is hurtful and needs to be changed. The way that you deal with the monster in your dream is generally symbolic of the way you are dealing with the equivalent negativity in your daily life...more


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last night i woke up and looked up at my ceiling and six huge spiders were dangling down and coming towards me. I grabbed my cover over my head and started screaming beacuse i was so scared. I just wondered what this meant? I was halucinating/ dreaming ofcourse.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Spirita said...

Anonymous, spiders can depict any emotions you don't want to 'handle'. Your dream might also portray a sticky situation you feel yourself in; feeling caught up in something that might trap you; being trapped by the power of someone else's emotions or expectations etc.

A very old dream interpretations say that the spider is an omen of good luck! So if you dream that you see many spiders hanging around you foretells most favorable conditions, fortune, good health and friends.

Nevertheless, the spider may be considered profound and spiritual dream symbol that call for greater self-understanding and encourage you to derive meaning and satisfaction in life.

At 9:31 AM, Blogger rachel said...

im 7 weeks pregnant and my dreams have been crazy the last week. i dreamed that i had an emergancy c section and was in a coma for 2 months then when i woke up noone would tell me where my baby was then when i finaly got it it was in an incubater and some old nurse had taken over and named it after my brother instead of the name i was giving it which made me hit the nurse and grab my baby then i made them take him out so i could fuss at my family and the nurses for giving him that name i kicked everyone out had them bring me my baby and i left with my brother and named the baby aiden philip walker just as i had planed. but i woke up terrified casue the c section and my baby being with someone else i cant figure out what it means..oh yea nad my fiance died durring my c section he had one as well and didnt live..


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